What pet owners are saying



I inspired Salubrious Feeds for being so disobedient and crazy (which has ended with my mum and me in the canal together. Oops!) Before feeding this great new food to me, I would’ve jumped out of the car window, literally! But now I am content with just looking at the view...


I no longer run off in fields refusing to listen to voice commands. My mum Ellie has noticed much less pulling on the and I’m sleeping better because I’m less anxious. My eyes are noticeably brighter and my coat is so shiny. Overall, I’m a very healthy and happy dog! I love Salubrious Dog Food so much I even leave  my old food that my mum used to give me!

(Ellie Pett)

"No more lead aggression"

“Jasper has really settled down and 
has no more lead aggression. 
Within a week of being on the food 
he’s got a lot better and has no 
aggression at all, not even a slight 
pull on the lead.
His coat is also a lot better and
if it can calm Jasper down, then 
it can calm any dog down!”

(Ellie Patterson)





         & Ruby

"More confident and relaxed"

“Betsy and Ruby, just adore this food!
Ruby does a little dance before
every bowl! Betsy struggles with
anxiety around other dogs and
after a few weeks on Salubrious Cold

Pressed we had a weekend
of socialising with various family
dogs and Betsy seemed much 
more confident and relaxed!”


(Vicky Hall)

"Happier, calmer dogs"

“My fur babies have been using
this dog food for about 4 weeks
and I can see differences already.
Their skin is healthy and they are
happier, clamer dogs.
My mum saw the difference
and all four of her dogs now
use Salubrious Feeds.
Very happy customer”


(Kylie Gallagher)

fur babies





"A lot calmer attitude"

“I’ve been trialling Salubrious Cold

Press for a while and thought
I’d share a photo of Bear feeling
totally relaxed! I must admit it does exactly

what it says on the packet!

A lot less anxious, less pulling on

the lead, a lot calmer attitude

when meeting other dogs.

Can only recommend it highly”

(Steve Hopkins)

"No stress during
                       the car journey"

“We were worried about how
Doris would cope whilst travelling
to France with us. However,
having fed her Salubrious Cold
Pressed for a while prior to our
trip, she experienced no stress
during the car journey at all!
And her coat is looking great too!”


(Victoria Smout)





"Was looking around for more"

“I gave Nettie a bowl of Salubrious
Cold Press for breakfast  and she ate it all

in one go and was then looking around for

more leaving her old food untouched.
The effects I’m seeing already
with her attitude are amazing
so I’m intrigued to see how
the next few weeks go”

(Jannecce Yeung)

"Very happy customer"

“Rosie is no longer anxious
around people which we saw a
huge difference in with our latest
family get together. She’s all
round a lot calmer and her dry
and itchy skin has cleared up which

is a huge bonus and has resulted in

her coat feeling soft and silky!

Very happy customer”

(Audrey Stevenson)





"This food has been a miracle"

“Diesel was overly hyper to the point it used to cause him injuries. He’s a lot more relaxed and actually listens to my voice commands now.
He hasn’t even attempted to jump the fence since trying this food so we are all a lot calmer now! I’ve put my bulldog on this food also and his joint pain 
no longer causes him discomfort. This food has been a miracle and as soon as I brought the bag home Diesel sat there guarding it”


(Jess Hayward)